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From here I can help you get onto the path to healing your life:

  • Get the information you need to transition into wellness without the pain!
  • Discover your individual code for living in your highest vibration!
  • Get individual & community support while you being surrounded by other powerful women living in their wellness.
  • Get week by week instructions on how to peacefully & powerfully increase your energy while healing!
  • Start living in a higher vibration every day TODAY!

If you think you’re alone, and struggling to find your way through- YOU ARE NOT!!! Not ANYMORE!

I hear from people everyday that they feel lost, or overwhelmed. For many day to day feels like deep struggle from the most basic things. Then comes other deeper feelings of inadequacy, and self judgement. Or you are just trying to survive, by rolling through life not feeling safe enough to really open up & talk about how hard things feel for you.

 I’ve helped 1,000’s of people like you, to start their healing journey over the last 27 years, everyone's path is different. But what we all need to do to succeed is support ourselves for each place you are in. But if you follow Soul Path Foundation truths you will get there! 

For the first time in almost a decade I'm opening myself up to create individual & group healing programs.

I know I can help you change your health & life for the better!

With the right, easy to implement information, bio-energetic healing support, & Soul Path Training  you can take the actionable steps to build your best life at any age!



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More About Your Coach


Your Coach

Your Coach, is a successful coach, business owner, healer & Divine Light Ascension Harnessing Goddess! She has spent the last 30 Years devoted to studying, processing & uncovering everyone's individual process of healing.

Her experience as a manual trauma recovery specialist had her working on thousands of bodies over three decades, all the while gathering deep levels of training, harnessing her intuition & expelling the energies associated with all levels of humanity!

She has traveled the world gathering techniques and tools necessary for living a high vibrational life for every kind of person while understanding the mechanisms needed to transmute deep pain and disconnect into avenues of wellness and healing!

Her coaching clients have realized gains in all areas of their personal and business worlds including healing from deep pathology, family line trauma, overwhelm, life reorganization, time management, accountability, focus, communication skills, self-development and foundational healing practices that fit each person. 

Her dedication to her craft and the betterment of Humanity has been her main focus as she has traveled the plant in her 49 years. Reach out and discover how he can help you transform your life with ease & grace.


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